I can read books now.

Due to my new circumstances, I find myself being able to read more. Not whole books- not all at once at least. I do find that I have been able to finish short chapbooks and read 75% or so of a short story collection. This has been a big few months for me, as you can imagine. Reading is…nice. I pretty much get to read something every day.

I read this book called I Am a Very Productive Entrepeneur by Mathias Svalina. I wrote a review of it for LitStack but could barely do it justice. I’m still getting used to writing these reviews again. I’m just inching closer and closer to just writing a poem or a song inspired by the book I just read. That seems easier to me. The important thing is that people need to pick up this book and others like it and put down whatever nonsense they’re reading right now.


Today I applied to become the public library’s new writer in residence. If I am given the position I will be happier than I have been in years. I’m the perfect fit for that gig. It’s like how Quentin Tarrantino thought that Elvis Presley would be great for the part of Bill in Kill Bill and then found out he was dead. He then found out that Warren Beatty was still alive and said that he wanted to hire him outright, with no audition process. That guy didn’t work out and it went to the guy who died by auto erotic asphyxiation.




Say what?

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