I can write stories now.

I am a happy boy today because my story Beautiful Girls has found a home at Pank’s online October issue. I thought it was a pretty good piece when I submitted it many months ago and quite honestly had forgotten to check my Submishmash account to see if it had been accepted or not. I finally remembered to have a look and was very surprised to see that it had been accepted and that one of the editors had very nice things to say about it. I did a quick edit and spit polish and now its there now, looking so good. I’m happy.

The origin of how I got the idea came from a story slam I was at. The emcee was yammering on about something or other and I was mostly trying to ignore all the ridiculous things she was saying but then I heard, “the beautiful girls were in the river’ and the line stuck in my head. I thought it would be a good first line for a story.

I asked some of my writer friends who were at the slam if they might like to all try to write a story with that line in it and we could all read them at the next story slam we went to. Most of them took me up on the challenge and I think a lot of good came out of it. This story is what I wrote for the challenge and I read it at the next story slams I attended. The response was about as bad as it usually is. I am very pleased with the responses I’ve got from the people who have read the story up on Pank so far. I’m very thankful to Roxane Gay and the other editors who thought it worthy enough to publish. Thanks.


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