I am (finally) a Book Now.

The book is finally ready. It is a very exciting time in the life of a person. Especially a person like me who has no other discernible talents that can be applied to real life situations and exchanged for goods and services. I am a book now. This is a good place for me to be. People are excited about this book. People I don’t even know. They like how it looks and that makes me happy because I wanted it to have a look that people were really into. Strangers like looking at it and I think that’s a good start. Even the people at the printing place all gathered around when we went to pick up the boxes.

When a person sees the actual book for the first time they do the same things: they look at and touch the cover, then they turn it around and look at the back cover, then they look inside the book for a second and then they bring the book up to their noses and smell the book. Everybody does this. Although I had nothing to do with how the book smells, I did suggest that the book be printed on paper, rather than some kind of polymer or cotton like the $50 bills are printed on. I can take some credit.

Phase one is all about friends and family. I have to tell them all that my book is out and available for them to buy. Then I make strong suggestions that they should buy it. This is going really well. People are buying the book. This is a great sign. Some of them may even read it. That would be pretty sweet.

Phase two is publicity. I’m going to do some big publicity stunt where I make little parachutes for my book and then throw them off a tall building. Maybe somebody will review my book for the New York Times. This will probably happen soon.

Lastly I need to say that a person who is the main reason why this book was assembled and put together in such a timely and professional manner is Julie Lundy. She is a communication artist. The inner layout of the book was done by her, as well as the cover layout and design. She was an absolute delight to work with and I highly recommend her for any design work you are looking to have done- whether it be editorial, stationary design, or book design. She’s fantastic.

Buy my book?



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