Media Darling Addendum

There are more appearances to discuss:

1. This morning I read for a small group of senior citizens at a local retirement community. I’ve definitely never done anything like that before but I was very happy to have been asked. I read them Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, and Argentina and the last two were definitely their favourites. My story Chile revolves around the miners that were stuck in the mine a couple years ago. Everyone was interested in the amount of time they were trapped and the media circus that inevitably came from it. My story Argentina makes mention of the Dirty War. Everyone was extremely interested in that. I’m no history professor but I do know a bit about the subject. Each of my stories takes something real about these countries and then envelops those historical facts in fiction. This is good for prose but it’s not good when people have actual questions about the intricate history of something as intense as political unrest in Argentina. I did the best I could and we had a pretty good discussion. I was happy to be able to tell these people something that they didn’t already know. That felt good.

2. My book will receive its first review from The Next Best Book Blog coming up some time soon. To get everybody ready for that, the blog will be posting a new, previously unpublished story of mine called Beard of Bees. That story will be up on the site on Friday morning. I’ll be posting links as soon as the story is up.

3. In the city of Edmonton I will be signing books and talking to the colourful characters that always patronize the Whyte Avenue Chapters. On Sunday, June 24th I’ll be at the Strathcona Chapters so come and say hello and buy a book and I’ll sign it. You can ask me questions about Argentine history or Christopher Columbus. I’ll tell you anything you want to know.

4. I have it on good authority that the University of Alberta student newspaper The Gateway will be publishing a review of my book online on June 11th. I’ll post links to that review as soon as it’s available.

Ok, that’s all for now. I just watched three straight hours of the Food Network. I’m going to go have a cracker or something.



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