I am a Prize Now.

My book has been out less than two months and we have already had to go to a second printing. That means more books! We will never run out of books, until we actually run out of books. Then there will be no more books. For the month of June we have more incentive for you to want to buy a shiny new book by me, Jason Lee Norman.

If you buy a physical copy of my book in the month of June you will be entered to win a Kobo touch eReading device. As a bonus, the eReader will come with a copy of my book ‘Americas’ loaded onto it. Neat!  These things are pretty cool. All of my technology now has to have a touch screen. It just makes sense.

1. Buy a copy of my book through my website here and you will be entered to win a brand new Kobo touch. We may even let you pick out the colour. I will sign all copies for you. I have a really awesome pen.

2. If you buy a physical copy from myself, in person, then your name will also be added to the contest to win a Kobo touch eReader. I`ll be wandering the streets every day for the next thirty days. I’ll also be signing books at the Chapters on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton on June, 24th from 12-4PM.

3. If you buy a copy from any of the very nice retailers who are stocking my book, please send me a picture of your receipt and try to have a picture of the book in there too. Mandolin Books, Audreys, and Indigo Northtown Mall are places you can go.  Send the picture to robotsunderwater AT gmail DOT com

4. This contest is for anybody living in Canada or the United States of America. Those are also the titles of two stories in my book. Serendipity!

Thank you. Buy my book.



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