I am Televised Now.

Tomorrow morning I am going to be on CTV Morning live talking about my new book, Americas. You can expect me to be on between 8:15 – 8:30am. AM means in the morning. It’s a morning show. Here are some thoughts/questions regarding being on television:

1. Makeup. Will there be a person who puts makeup on my face? Does this really happen?

2. If I like wearing makeup, is that OK? Should I go to the store and buy some for myself to wear around the house? Who will teach me to put it on?

3. The Green Room. Is there really a green room? I have a feeling that they might just make me wait outside on a bench or something and then when it’s time for me to go on TV a guy with a headset on will open the back door and say, “You’re on”.

4. If the camera truly adds ten pounds, I am in big trouble.

5. Should I punch a hole through my book so I can wear it around my chain like a cool necklace or should I just wear a tie?

6. Have you bought my book yet? It’s for sale. You can buy a cool eBook on the iBooks Store or the Kobo store. If you did buy it already then maybe you can rate the book with a multitude of stars? Thank you. You can also buy my book right here. If you buy one, I will sign it and then send it to you and then we will add your name to the draw to win a Kobo touch eReader. Touch it! That should be their slogan.

Watch to me on TV as the moving pictures fly through the air!



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