I am a seasoned media veteran now.

I am certainly a media darling now. I wear sunglasses everywhere I go. Autograph hounds and paparazzi are all around me. Always lurking in the bushes. I am a cool customer though. You won’t see me punching anyone in the face like Alec Baldwin.

I have some more media appearances and events to tell you about that are happening this weekend:

1. I talk about my book for a segment during Shaw TV Weekend that you will be able to see on a continuous loop all weekend on Shaw TV. You can watch for me. You will like it.

2. Sunday morning (June 24th at 8:20am) I will be on Global Weekend Morning News to talk about my book and hopefully they will let me do the weather as well. This part is not yet confirmed. Watch on Sunday morning to find out.

3. I will be at the Strathcona Chapters store on Sunday, June 24th between 12-4pm to sign books and say hello to you and to answer any questions you have about the Western Hemisphere. If you purchase a book from us on Sunday, we will write your name down and you will be entered to win a Kobo eReader. It has a touch screen! Kobo: Touch it! That’s their slogan, I think.

So please come to say hello on Sunday if you are in the Whyte Ave. area. I have free buttons and maybe some other cool things to give away to you if you ask nicely. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO BUY A BOOK FROM YOURS TRULY (That’s me!)!



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