I am a (humble) Canadian now.

 I am truly humbled these days. After waking up very early for multiple mornings in a row and putting on a tie and going on television to tell people that my book is for sale and that it is very good, people are actually buying my book. People have actually been buying my book since it was released on April 17th. So many people have been buying the book that we had to print more books. This has been a great feeling and it means that I will be able to write more books and my printer will always have ink and my HP laptop will always have a full battery. Thank you.

It is sometimes a shocking feeling when you meet a total stranger and they ask you what your book is about and then they BUY THE BOOK. A STRANGER?! They look at it and take a chance and that feels good too. Thank you to all the strangers who have bought my book. Let’s be friends, yes? Let’s go on a merry-go-round together one evening. Let’s go on a Ferris Wheel.

Speaking of Canadians and being humble- there is a Canadian whose name is Benoit Lelievre and he took a chance and read my book and then gave it a very nice review. Among some of the things he said were, “It’s one of those shooting stars to remind you why you love reading in the first place.“. Wow. That’s pretty nice. You can read the rest of the review here.

If you liked the review and feel like you might want to buy the book, NOW COULD NOT BE A BETTER TIME TO BUY. If you buy a physical copy of my book right now, you will be entered to win a Kobo Touch eReader. Kobo: Touch it! (I’m legally obligated to say that). We’ll then make sure that my book shows up on your Kobo eReader so you can read it again and again and again. This offer is over when June is over. That’s soon! Get on it. Vamonos!

Speaking of more Canadians things- I have an interview coming up next month in Lit Stack and in the interview I was asked what it means to me to be a Canadian writer. One of the things I talk about is how Margaret Atwood is basically the boss of all of us writers and we have to do whatever she says. Once she called me at 2am and asked if I was writing or sobbing into my pillow. I told her I was writing. She said, “wrong answer!”. It is terrifying to be a Canadian writer sometimes.

I am truly happy to be a Canadian boy. The first story in my book, ‘Americas’, is called Canada. It was very hard to write about Canada but ultimately I ended up writing about what a lot of people write about which is the difference between Canadians and Americans and what it must feel like to live next to each other. The heart of the story is about a Canadian falling in love with an American and about how that basically solves everything, for a time…

Happy Canada Day to everyone! Buy my book. Tip your waitress. Drink milk. Stay in school.





  1. I read your book and then started to fall in love with an American and then thought better of it. Now I’m trying not to love that American boy.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Margaret Atwood scares the shit out of me too. Once she told me: “Why are you trying to be James Ellroy, bitch?” I didn’t have an answer for her.

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