I am home now.

I am back! I am back from my tour of America for my book, Americas. These words are quite similar, no? I touched many American states on my journey. I touched North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and… well that’s it. I touched 4 states. On the way home I drove from Chicago, IL to Grand Forks, ND in one single day! We touched all 4 states that day. In Illinois there are many toll booths. We counted like 7 toll booths. A special hello to all Illinois toll booth operators!

Another state I visited was Wisconsin. In Wisconsin their cheese is very tasty. It is sharp yet smooth. It is a gift from a cow. Thank you cows! In Wisconsin I read at The Reader’s Loft in Green Bay, which was one of the most beautiful book stores I have ever been in. It’s just lovely. If you go to Green Bay, Wisconsin you must go there and buy a book. I love that place and I hope to go back there again soon. Thank you to everyone at the Reader’s Loft for having me.

In Wisconsin I also got to go to Milwaukee. I was very lucky to meet Robert Vaughan and to read with him at a bar called the Riverwest Public House. They had yummy beer and I read on a stage in front of all these people that Robert brought with him. I am in serious debt to Robert for doing this. It was an amazing time in Milwaukee. Robert Vaughan and Stephanie Lecci host something called Flash Fiction Fridays on Wisconsin Public Radio. I was interviewed by them and read a story for them too, ON THE RADIO. You can listen to that here. Thank you to Milwaukee and the Riverwest Public House, The Lake Effect, Robert Vaughan again and Stephanie Lecci and all who came out to see us read and/or bought a book. It was a fantastic night. Thank you.

So, what happened in Minnesota, you ask? Let me tell you. I ate a hamburger in Minnesota. I saw The Dark Knight Rises in Minnesota. I ate brunch in Minnesota. I spied Garrison Keillor hiding behind a hedge in Minnesota. What a great place to be in America. Thank you Minnesota. In Minnesota was also where my eBook became available for the Amazon Kindle. Do you have a Kindle? Why don’t you buy my book for your Kindle? Huh? Why dontcha! It is available right here. I want you to read it and enjoy it.

In Minnesota I was also very lucky to meet up with Jeff Hansen and Ann Bogle. They are great writers and they helped me promote my book at my reading at Common Good Books. Garrison Keillor is the owner of this book shop. Ann spotted him at the coffee shop next door. He was having a coffee. A huge thank you to Ann and Jeff and to Garrison Keillor.

There are many more things to say about my little tour in the USA. I will say them soon. I will also say that I want to go to other parts of the USA next. I want to go to Washington and Oregon and California. I want to go west, young man! If you live there, let’s hang out some time and read stories together over beer. Yes? Yes!

Until then, thanks for reading.



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