I am a (teacher) now.

Do you wish to be as (happy, talented, successful, smart, punctual) as me? Well today is your lucky day! I will be conducting a FREE workshop in St. Albert at the St. Albert Public Library on September 6, at 7:00pm. The workshop will be about crafting the perfect Story Slam story. The second annual St. Albert Arts Fest Story Slam will be on September 29th. Slam stories are usually about 5 minutes in length and require you to speak in front of a small, medium, or large crowd. I will pass along to you some of my time-honoured techniques for not vomiting on stage, using your diaphragm to project your voice to the back of the room, and other tricks for making you appear less sweaty and fidgety for the duration of your performance.

A story slam story also has to be short and sweet and to the point. In the workshop I’ll be reading some examples from my book of short stories, Americas, and going over certain skills and formulas that you can use to help craft a short story that doesn’t mince words and separates the wheat from the chaff…or the chaff from the wheat. Whatever is the good part.

So come on down to see me in St. Albert next month. I’ll read a couple stories and we’ll go around the room and ask about each other’s summer vacations. Sounds good, right? The workshop is FREE but they do ask that you call ahead to reserve yourself a spot and so that they know how much orange drink they should make. (St. Albert Public Library 780-459-1682)

Where: St. Albert Public Library- Forsyth Hall

When: Thursday, September 6. 7:00pm-8:00pm

How: Drive a car or public transit? I’ll be taking my scooter.

Contact St. Albert Public Library or look here for more info.


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