An open letter to Matt Prins.

*to those of you who don’t know who Matt Prins is, Matt Prins is a writer from Edmonton, Canada. He is the creator of Instant Books are your Future which is a website of writing done with Instant Books. Instant Books are pieces of paper folded in such a way to look like a little book. Matt Prins did not create this art form but he has perfected it. It has recently come to my attention that Matt has been receiving some “hate mail” and I wanted to respond to that in open letter format*

Dear Matt,
How are you doing? I am fine. This is an open letter. Do you know what that means? It means that I am writing you in letter format but lots of other people can also read this letter. That is unlike most letters which only one other person reads. That is why it’s called an open letter. It’s open. Matt. I want to say some things to you. Here are those things:
Matt, I think you are a very good writer. This is mostly because you are honest and direct. You have also never used a word that you didn’t know the definition of. I like that about you. I love watching you read your stories because I like the way your voice sounds. It is a cool and good voice. You have a deadpan style of delivery that I think works perfect. You say swear words possibly the best of anyone I have heard say swear words. I also like your hair. This has nothing to do with writing but I like how your hair is styled. It is strong and high. It is nice to look at while I watch you reading your stories for people. That’s the closest connection I can make between your hair and your writing. It fits well with your look as a person and as a writer. Now, about that honesty and directness to your writing…

Many people probably think that you write stories about things that have happened to you in real life. I used to be one of these people. I thought that you were pouring your heart out on the page and were being honest and raw with people. I also thought to myself “how can all of these things happen to one man. He is like Job from the Bible”, but now I don’t think those things anymore. I don’t really care anymore whether these things really happened to you because I know I will like the stories anyway. You do not have to be tied down by one form or another. In one story you get hit in the head with a table and in another story you are doing unspeakable things in the bushes while watching lady joggers run by and in another story your ex-girlfriend is threatening to sue you for defamation. These are hilarious things! They aren’t hilarious because they actually happened to you. They’re hilarious because they just are. Your writing isn’t honest because you write down things that actually happened. Your writing is honest because you tell the truth about things. You tell the truth about all of us. That’s why you’re a good writer. Even if you’re lying, you’re telling the truth. Now about that hate mail…

I want you to know that I can be a friend to you. Even though we are already friends I can be another kind of friend to you. I can be a writer friend and I can be a friend that texts you sometimes even though you seem to lose your phone every week. I can do these things. I can also be the kind of friend who stands up for you if and when people say disparaging things about you. If in fact these “hate emails” you’ve received turn out to be real then I would also like to invite those people to send me an email as well. Would you write them all back (even your parents) and give them my email address? I would especially like to speak to this girl who threatened to sue you for defamation. Maybe give her my phone number. I would like her to hear the sound of me laughing at her for an extended period of time. If I ever get the chance to speak to some of these people I will tell them all that Matt Prins is a nice guy and a good writer. He creates things and he shares those things with everybody. A lot of the things he creates make people laugh and smile and he asks for so little in return. Many people in this world do nothing but take and take and take and they still ask for more at the end of each day. Not Matt Prins. All Matt asks for is a new bottle of hair gel every now and then and a replacement cell phone every week or so and a nice quiet place where he can make his Instant Books. He wants people to hear the things he has to say and he wants to share his experiences and outlook with others- even people he doesn’t know. Just because someone disagrees with his opinions or just simply doesn’t know how to read, it’s not their place to say mean things to him via email. Mat Prins has every right to do what he does and there are people out there like myself who actually need people like Matt Prins to exist. We need those people so we can look at their beautiful hairstyles and hear their beautifully sad and touching stories and then think about all the things that we would like to make and share with the world without being afraid of mean people on the Internet. Matt Prins, thank you for your Instant Books. Thank you for your face. It sometimes looks like a cool mouse who wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle. Thank you.

Your friend,




  1. Jason, your face is a pleasant badger who wears woolen underpants and rides a quad. And this is quite a wonderful response to Matt’s hate story that I agree with wholeheartedly. Couldn’t have said it better…
    Long-time fan of Matt Prins,
    Erin Ottosen

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