Here’s the thing.

Here are some things that are happening in my life right now:

1. News about the 40 Below Project is spreading around this city. This makes me very happy because I want more and more submissions to be flooding my inbox as we speak. I just noticed that if you look on Wikipedia for a list of writers and artists that are from Edmonton, the list is very small and definitely needs to be updated pronto. Somebody call Mack Male! Edmonton is full of brilliant writers. I know this for a fact. Many of them are known around the world. Some of them are just me. I’ll be known around the world soon enough. If you are an Edmonton writer you should get your name on that Wikipedia list and then send something to the 40 Below Project.

2. I have recently begun visiting a gym. I put on a pink sweatsuit and run for hours on what they call an Elliptical Machine. This machine simulates running under water. It’s helpful for the knees. After visiting this gym for about six weeks I’ve noticed that I hardly sweat while I eat anymore. That has to be a good sign. Thanks fitness!

3. November is both National Novel Writing Month and National Grow a Mustache month. I am 0.0001% complete with my novel and my beard is about a 9.5 out of 10.

4. Words with Friends 9 is happening next week, November 28th. I am working on a new story about Time Travel and maybe a poem about Mariokart. I can’t tell you much more than that at this point. If you live in Edmonton you should come out next week and have a drink and watch another great bunch of writers and performers entertain you with words and music and beauty. Come on down! I haven’t had a beer in weeks. More info on the Words with Friends website and our Facebook event page.

5. I have a cold so I’ve started using something called a Neti Pot. It’s basically a small tea pot that you fill with warm water and salt or something and stick it up your nose and pour water in it until the water comes out the other side. Some people on the Internet say that the Neti Pot can give you brain amoebas. I’m skeptical.

Have a good weekend.



One comment

  1. Was your beard not already about an 8? I think you’re selling it short.

    Also, I’m a writer, previously from Edmonton. Can that still count? I want to be on Wikipedia in a more legitimate way than just editing my way on there as the original casting choice for the movie Hitch starring Will Smith.

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