Beautiful Girls & Famous Men


Beautiful Girls & Famous Men is the name of my new eBook. It is sort of a rarities and b-sides kind of compilation of stories that have been previously published in the last few years and newer ones that haven’t found a home yet. Also there are some stories featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt that I think are kind of good.

I noticed that a theme was starting to develop so I wanted to put all of these stories together in one eBook for people to read and have all of these stories in one place. This was also an opportunity to have a book cover designed by the great Ryan W. Bradley. He does great work.

In a lot of my more recent stories I have taken famous people from history and used them as the inspiration behind the stories. In the same approach that I took with my book Americas, I take facts about these people and used those facts to inspire my story. There are stories about Glenn Gould, Nostradamus, Jeff Mangum, and other famous polymaths, mathematicians, and historical figures. There are also stories about beautiful girls in this book and stories about love. There are also stories about Jennifer Love Hewitt, who falls into the category of a famous beautiful girl. The possibilities are endless!

There are many ways in which you can read this book. If you have a Kindle or a Kobo eReader you can buy the book and it will download onto your device. If you don’t have an eReader but have a smart phone like an iPhone or some other crazy deal you can download a free Kobo or Kindle app and read it that way. Some people really like reading stories on their smart phones. The book is not quite ready for the iBooks store yet but it will be very soon.

Buy the book on Kobo here.

Buy the book on Amazon for your Kindle here.

You can also add the book on Goodreads and say nice things about it here.

You don’t have to buy the book if you don’t want to but if you do that would be nice.


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