I’ve Got Emails Now!

Anybody who knows me well enough will know that I love getting emails. It is my firm belief that the more emails a person receives the more important they are. I will never stop believing this. I used to work or lawyers and they were so important that they had so many emails that they had to hire another separate person to take care of their emails for them. Everyday I see people on Twitter complaining about their in boxes and being so proud when they whittle down their number of emails down to zero. I’m so jealous of these people.

This month I have officially begun my new job. This new job means that I have EMAILS! I have Outlook! I have never used Outlook before. Now I use Outlook to read and reply to emails. It’s pretty great. This morning the library sent out their monthly eNewsletter and in that newsletter there was a message from me, the new Writer-in-Residence. In that message I put out a call to people around the city to send me a message and get in touch so that we could talk about their writing and things like that. People seemed to actually read this email and pay attention to it because by the time I got to work this morning I had nearly 20 emails in my inbox. For a person like me who craves emails, this was a great experience. I’m on Cloud Nine.

Here’s what I wrote to the people of Edmonton:

Dear Edmontonians:

January is the time of resolutions for the New Year. Things we want to try to do over the next 12 months, goals to achieve, milestones to reach. This time of year is great because resolutions are usually about bettering ourselves in some way. People want to lose weight, read more books, swear less, quit smoking, quit drinking, quit swearing, love more, laugh more, dance like nobody’s watching…more.

Being a writer is like having a New Year’s resolution every single day. The blank page stares back at us with its big fat white face each day like the promise of a new year. We want to fill it with the best of ourselves and so we set goals for the blank page just like people set goals for 2014. “January 1st will be the day I start my first novel…” some people might exclaim, “right after I update my Facebook status.” Other writers might set their goals to something more realistic like, “today is the day I write my first short story of 2014…” others might promise, “right after I post a picture of my bacon and eggs on Instagram.”

The beauty of being a writer and the wonderful thing about New Year’s resolutions is that we have a whole year and so many blank pages to get better. The blank page doesn’t care if you fill it in a day. All you have to do is get something down each day. Remember, if you write one page a day, that’s a 365 page book in a year! Or two 180 page books a year!  Not too shabby. Maybe you don’t quit smoking cold turkey today and maybe you don’t get to the gym five times this week but one day per week is a pretty great start and so is a few less cigarettes per day.

I don’t have any specific New Year’s resolutions to attempt to keep this year. I do want to be able to help each and every person who comes into my office or contacts me on the email machine looking for advice or some guidance or any kind of help with their writing. I’m also going to make sure that each and every day that I come face to face with a blank page that I at least try to mess it up with gloriously inky words.

Good luck with your resolutions this year and happy writing!



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