I am Thankful Now.

This past weekend was a pretty busy weekend:

On Friday I went on CTV Morning Live and brought with me a copy of 40 Below Volume 2 that I had frozen in a block of ice. It was fun. I stayed up all night trying to freeze that book in the perfect way.

On Saturday I drove to Calgary for the launch of 40 Below at Shelf Life Books. It’s a beautiful store and Calgary was pretty beautiful that day. It’s ok to say that Calgary is beautiful. It’s ok… Anyway, the launch was a great time and I got to meet and talk to a few of the Calgary authors who are featured in Volume 2: Natalie Meisner, Ali Bryan, and Lori Hahnel. They were great and people came and were friendly and bought books and ate cake. Success! Afterwards Lamya and I went to this place called Village Ice Cream and bought ice cream to bring back with us to Edmonton. We brought a cooler and ice with us just for this specific reason. The ice cream is amazing. I would drive to Calgary right now just to get some.

Sunday was a super big day. It was the Edmonton launch of 40 Below Volume 2 at Audreys Books. It was a pretty big deal. So many people came and it was pretty much everything I could have hoped for in a book launch event. People bought books and were so supportive of the project and I got to meet some of the authors from Volume 2 that I had never met before (Shout out to Marco!). It felt so good to fill a bookstore with people. The book is fantastic and the writing in it is fantastic and it felt nice to be able to tell them all how fantastic they are in a room full of people. Thanks to everyone who came. Thank you so much for this great feeling I have in my heart right now. Thank you to my family for being patient with me when I’ve been a nervous jerk all week. Thank you as always to my Lamya for doing pretty much everything for me. I couldn’t do any of these events without her.

I also just wanted to update people on something else that I’m involved with. I didn’t get around to telling people because of secret reasons and also because I’ve been so busy with 40 Below Volume 2. I’m very honoured to have a story featured in the Short Story Advent Calendar. It is an advent calendar but with a short story a day for 24 days. Incredible. It’s such a perfect idea that it makes me physically angry that I didn’t come up with the idea. The story that is included in the project is an older one of mine that people may have read before but I’m excited for lots of new people to discover my work through this wonderful calendar. This week is the final week for orders because they want to make sure they can get them delivered to people by the beginning of December. It’s going to be beautiful. I’m very lucky to be included in this.

That is all I have to write at the moment. I’m still feeling huge thanks to all my friends and family and all the people involved with 40 Below for their support. Also, if any of you out there have a television show that I could go on to talk about 40 Below, please let me know. Just had to ask.



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