I Am a Bridge Now.

Pictured above are the girders of the new Groat Road bridge. They’re not supposed to be warped like that. They bent suddenly like that overnight a few months back. When it first happened people didn’t know what caused it. They tried blaming wind or the cold winter but the science police soon called baloney on that.

So the problem with these bent girders is that they caused an already behind schedule project to be WAY behind schedule. This bridge is part of a road that used to be a busy road and now people avoid it like the plague. There are some businesses on the other side of that bridge on the Edmonton “High Street”. Gift stores and boutiques and cheese shops. All kinds of stores. Some of these businesses are frustrated by the constant bridge delays and the drops in business they’ve caused. The Mayor of Edmonton (pictured here dressed as Luke Skywalker) and other members of city council have encouraged Edmontonians to shop on the high street to give these businesses a little boost while the city tries to come up with a plan to help them out.

I decided to do something to try and help out a bit. I donated copies of 40 Below to six local businesses on the high street and told them that all the money they make from the sales of these books will go directly to them. I figured that this could be a good way for people to see the book who maybe haven’t seen it yet or maybe to buy an extra copy now that they know 100% of the money goes right to helping the businesses. I’ll keep giving them books as long as people keep buying books.

I am not a business owner but I do know how hard it is to get the word out about your product when others have higher name recognition or advertising budgets. I want more people to see my book and hopefully read my book, and I also want more people in the city to shop locally and to help out businesses that, through no fault of their own, are not doing as well as they’d like.

So to all the Edmonton people out there, here’s a way for you to do two things at once: help me and help Edmonton businesses.



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