I am a bison now.


This past weekend was my first working as a vendor at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair. We had a table selling copies of both 40 Below books as well as two of my short story collections. It was an incredible weekend!

I am so thankful to the organizers of Royal Bison for allowing me to set up at the fair this year. Being a writer and trying to get the word out about your books can be tough sometimes. People can be skeptical about the quality of your book when you work with an independent press. Most people usually only trust big publishing companies that publish memoirs by astronauts or hockey writers.

Everyone we met at the Royal Bison was so great to us. People were interested in the books we were selling and were so happy to support local artists. It was such an energizing feeling. We even sold a few books!

I’ll be there again this weekend and I suggest that if you haven’t already you try to get out to the Royal Bison and see all the great stuff the vendors have made.

Thanks to everyone who came out and visited us at our booth this weekend. Thanks to everyone who bought a book. Your support means a lot to me.



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