I am a Flamingo Now.


Today I read the first story in my Short Story Advent Calendar. The story is called “Flamingo” and it was written by Jessica Westhead. I really enjoyed this story. It’s written in a style that I really identify with. I am of course ashamed to say that I’ve never read anything by Jessica Westhead before but that will change very soon. This story is about a big loss and what comes afterwards. Even though you don’t know how the loss happened it is still there, hovering over the story the whole time like when you would play Super Mario Bros. and you would get to that one level where a guy on a cloud followed you the whole time and threw down red spiky things at you. Sometimes you could smash the guy on the cloud but he would always come back later. This story was like that.

If you didn’t get a Short Story Advent Calendar this year then you have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you did, then maybe you do. I hope that you all get to read this story someday.

This is such a cool project and I feel honored to be able to even read it along with the rest of you out there who have it. Looking forward to tomorrow, which is already here…



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