I am a Bison (Burger) Now.

image1 (1)

The Day 3 story in my Short Story Advent Calendar is called “Bison Burgers” by Lee Henderson. This story is about estranged siblings and estranged parents. I have a feeling that when I read this story for a second time it will be about something completely different and I’ll have missed the point the first time but both times I read it I will have enjoyed it. That part is true. It’s a great short story. I feel that it’s a great one for the senses. There are so many colours and smells and sounds in this story as the siblings inexplicably start walking through the bison pasture looking for their father’s house because they don’t know how roads work anymore.

After three days of stories I feel completely unqualified to be a part of this collection.

Looking forward to Day 4.



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