I am a jealous person

FullSizeRender (1)

I am just going to start off this blog post by saying that I am a very selfish and petty person. Would you like an example of just how self involved I am? Sure. So, Beyoncé came to town awhile back on her tour and I did not go to this concert Instead I stayed home and went on Twitter and got progressively more and more angry at how much attention Beyoncé was getting over me. I was jealous that there were so many more Beyoncé tweets than there were Jason tweets. In fact, nobody in the whole city was tweeting about me. I was genuinely upset about this. I was jealous of Beyoncé. Beyoncé! That’s just the kind of guy I am.

That brings us to the books in the picture above. These are books from friends of mine that I studied with in England. These are beautiful books by beautiful, talented people. I could not be happier for them. They deserve all the success in the world.

Crispin Best- Faber New Poets

Rebecca Perry- Beauty/Beauty

Alice Adams- Invincible Summer


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