Help Me Help You


Over the past year I’ve been writing short stories posing as Yelp reviews and posting them on Yelp pages for local businesses. Most of the time these stories are taken down because they don’t fit Yelp guidelines or something like that. I don’t really know why. They’re better than most Yelp reviews out there.

Last December I printed a collection of a lot of older and newer stories that I thought were really good and people would enjoy. This year I’ve done the same thing with my fake Yelp reviews. The book is called Help, for obvious reasons. It has 14 stories in it named after some popular and not so popular spots in Edmonton, as well as a couple other places around the world.

These are great stories and you should buy this little chapbook. For all my friends who don’t know what a chapbook is- it’s a smaller version of a book. In book form!

The first place in the world you’ll be able to buy this book is at the Royal Bison Craft Fair this weekend. I’ll be selling it for the ridiculously low price of $5. After that I’ll put it online and also carry copies around with me so you can stop me in the street and buy one. This is my dream. Help me achieve my dreams.


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