Help Me Help You Help Others

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Hi there. Today I got something really cool. Actually I got two things. First, I got an invitation to my cousin’s wedding. I think I’m going to go because they have really good pizza where she lives and I’m pretty excited about that. Also, I love my family- yada yada yada.

The second thing I got in the mail was my membership card from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their motto is: Fighting Hate. Teaching Tolerance. Seeking Justice. That’s great. We need that a lot right now. At the end of last year we made some donations to the SPLC, ACLU, and Play for Calais which tries to bring some joy and normalcy to refugees in Europe. I think it’s so important now to support these groups and people who are out there doing great work and helping people who really need it.

I want to do more to help but I don’t have any money left. I do, however, have a little chapbook to share with people. So, if anybody reading this blog post wants to make a donation to the ACLU, SPLC, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, Play for Calais this week send me a picture of your receipt or whatever confirmation they send you (without your financial info on it of course) and I will send you a free chapbook in the mail. You can make the donation and send the book to a friend if you want. I’ll send a book for any donations made all week.

The book is called Help. It’s a bunch of tiny stories that are posing as Yelp reviews. There are some silly stories, some sad stories, and probably some good stories in there. I think it’s a nice little book. I would love to send you a book if you make a donation this week. I just want to help.

Email me at robotsunderwater (AT) GMAIL (DOT) com


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