It’s Secret Project Time Again


Hello friends. It’s secret project time again. I have few details right this very second but I promise I will reveal everything as soon as I can. Here’s what I need from you right now:

  1. Your unpublished short stories. 100-1500 words in length. No theme but it should be a good story and maybe not too much swearing, ok?
  2. I promise I will tell you what I want to do with your story before I do anything with your story.
  3. Short short stories are fine. Longer short stories are fine too. I would like many stories.
  4. I ONLY need your stories if you are an EDMONTON writer. If you live in the Edmonton area right now then please send me your stories. Alberta writers, maybe?
  5. I will try to make sure you are paid somehow for your story. Once again I won’t do anything with it until I have your permission. For now I just need some great stories to get everything ready on my end.
  6.  robotsunderwater (AT) gmail (DOT) com



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