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BEAUTIFUL GIRLS & FAMOUS MEN is a new book but it is also an old book. It is new because it has never before been printed as a beautiful paper book like it is right now. I printed it because I wanted to share these stories with more people. Some of my best writing is in this book. Some of my favourite things I’ve ever written are in this book. It is 100 pages exactly and there are 20 or so stories in here.

Even though some of these stories have been around awhile I am still very proud of this collection of stories. Hopefully I’ll write some more good stuff soon.

You can absolutely 100% buy this book right now. RIGHT HERE. I made a new website just for the book and because I want to learn how to do websites.



  1. I just want to know why that guy called you juicebox! Also, that I cant wait to get your book in the mail. I witnessed your live reads off of you tube and it was outstanding. Great work buds. Seriously brilliant….

  2. Our daughter gifted a signed copy of your book. Americas is a delightful, quick read. Made me want to learn a bit more about each country.

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