I was recently on a blog tour. You didn’t even know I was gone, did you? Well I was. I was darting around the blogosphere, I was.

Hosted by the very friendly, very enthusiastic The Next Best Book Blog my tour was comprised of seven stops and in it there were reviews of my new book, Americas (on sale now!), some essays by myself, and interviews as well. Here are some links:

1. From TNBBC, an essay about what it means to be “indie”.

2. A review from the Insatiable Booksluts. My book received 5 Paul Newmans out of 5!

3. Marc Shuster from Small Press Reviews posts an interview with me without the questions…and then later adds the questions.

4. An interview and some kind words from Beth of the Candle Beam Book Blog.

5. A twofer! A review from Litstack and an interview from Jen at Books, Personally.

6. An excerpt from the story “Costa Rica” from my book on Books, Personally.

7. I wrote an essay for Dead End Follies about meeting your idols.


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